Can I get a second pre-settlement advance?

Pre-settlement funding – also referred to as lawsuit financing, a lawsuit loan or settlement cash advance – is an up-front payment against the future proceeds of your lawsuit.

A pre-settlement advance can help alleviate financial strain by providing extra money to make rent or mortgage payments, pay bills, and cover daily living expenses while you await settlement. And unlike a loan, a cash advance against your future settlement is non-recourse and there are no interim payments. Non-recourse funding means you have no obligation for repayment if your case is lost or dismissed.

I already have a pre-settlement advance with another company, can I get a second one with Pioneer?

Even if you’ve already taken out a pre-settlement advance against your lawsuit, you can get additional funding from Pioneer as long as your case supports it. As a rule of thumb, cash advances are typically limited to 5-10% of the estimated value of your case. Final approval, however, may vary depending on a number of variables including the type and expected duration of your case.

Once you apply, Pioneer will review your case and consult your attorney to determine whether your case supports additional pre-settlement funding. If you’re approved, we would pay off the balance with the initial funding company and send you additional funds.

Pioneer Legal Funding can help

Pioneer Legal Funding’s mission is to increase access to justice by providing best-in-class capital solutions for plaintiffs awaiting settlement. Backed by a team of knowledgeable underwriters, paralegals and attorneys, we’ve earned a reputation of excellence in the legal funding industry – working with hundreds of law firms and thousands of plaintiffs with all different types of injury claims.

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If you have an existing advance and are looking for additional funding, fill out our quick and easy Funding Application here or give us a call at (877) 610-0950 and one of our team members can assist you. It only takes a couple minutes and there’s no cost to you.

If you’re already an existing client of Pioneer and need additional funding, you can apply for more by completing the funding application here. Once you re-apply, we’ll review any case updates or changes with your attorney and let you know whether you’re approved.

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