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If you are already an existing client of Pioneer and need additional funding, you can apply for more below. Once you re-apply, we'll review any case updates or changes with your attorney and let you know whether you're approved.

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1. Apply

Fill out our Funding Application here to apply for additional pre-settlement funding. It only takes a few minutes and your credit score is not a factor. If you'd like assistance, give us a call and one of our team members can assist you.

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2. Review

We'll review your client's or firm's application and follow up with you to determine whether your request meets our underwriting criteria. If your funding request is approved, we'll send an agreement detailing the terms of funding.

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3. Fund

Once all parties review and return the signed funding agreement, we'll send funds directly to you or your client.  Funds can be sent via check, ACH or wire transfer. You can re-apply for additional funding as the litigation progresses or matures.


Get additional pre-settlement funding

Considering it can often take a year or longer for many cases to resolve, it’s common for clients to need additional resources along the way. If you have already received funding from Pioneer and need more, you can apply for additional funding by completing the Funding Application here.

As a rule of thumb, cash advances are typically limited to 5-10% of the estimated value of your case; however, final approval may vary depending on a number of variables including case type and expected duration of case.

Once you re-apply, Pioneer will review any case updates or changes with you and your attorney since your last funding with us and let you know whether you’re approved for more.

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If you have not used litigation funding in the past, we would love to give you some more information about the benefits to both attorneys and plaintiffs, as well as some different ways our funding has been utilized.

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Life doesn't always go according to plan.

Sometimes unexpected hardships, like a vehicle breaking down, leaky roof, loss of a job or injury, can be costly. Pre-settlement funding can serve as a safety net for you in the event of unforseen harship - helping you get back on your feet while you await settlement.
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